I gave up my career with the birth of my children, only working a few hours at holiday times or when somebody was off sick for a company nearby.
We have lived for the last 21 years in our house that is situated in Karlstein near Aschaffenburg, Germany. Our first dog was a black male Miniature Schnautzer. We bought him 1991 as a family pet.
I began to "work" with him at the HSV (Dog Sport Club) in Mainflingen and chose Breitensport (Combination Speed Cup) which is a combination of Agility and Obedience which he loved and it compensated the slowly developing " hauswife syndrom".

Über Uns-Birgit Scheuplein
.Wesenstest 07

In the function as organisator for the LCD I have arranged Wesenstests (a Character test needed in Germany for breeding) for mine and other young dog owners. I train on a weekly base with my youngsters at the local dogsport club.
At the moment I am preparing my young bitch for her first Obedience test. At the LCD meeting on the 16. January 2000 I was appointed as " Zuchtwartin".
" Zuchtwartin" is a qualified and examined person who has been appointed by the Labrador Club Germany to check a breeding kennel before a breeding authorisation is issued . They are advisors for younger and less experienced breeders for all questions conserning the brood bitch and her offspring. All the puppies are examined by a "Zuchtwartin" before they go into their new homes.