I'm breeder in the Labrador Club Germany (LCD/Labrador Club Deutschland)
under the governing body of the FCI and VDH, also member of the
German Retriever Club (DRC/Deutscher Retriever Club)

Über Uns-3 Labradore

Our first Labrador joined us, my husband , I and our 2 children in 1992. At the moment we have 1 dog and 2 bitches living together with us in the house. Our first brood bitch STINA (Seabird´s X- Port to Germany), bred by MONICA JARL in Sweden had her first litter in 1996, she was grand-grandmother and head of the clan at Special Friend`s.
Since then we are very proud to have raised 21 litters with 116 puppies under the Special Friend´s pre-fix.

Our Labardors are bred as family and some of them as hunting dogs. Due to their impressive talents of retrieving from land and water, we have successfully bred dogs that have completed national and international hunting certificates.
We are not Gamekeepers, so it´s not possible for us to handle our dogs personally on shoots in Germany  (we only train them ), a good friend of ours does so for us. The Labrador is a very versatile dog, with tremendous abilities in many other sectors, including Search and also Rescue.


Special Friend´s is a small familiy run kennel, having max. 2 litters a year. All our breeding stock complies with the breeding regulations of the Labrador Club Deutschland (LCD).

All our dogs are hip and elbow scored, have passed their club character test and breeding standard test. Some of them have their obedience and/ or hunting, retrieving certificates.